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London | Day 3 & 4.

May 21, 2016

On our third day in London, we took a little walk around the area (we were staying by Russell Square) and ended up at a cafe called Tuttis. They had all kinds of smoothies, cakes and sandwiches. I went for a soya latte which was so good and my sister and I shared a slice of apple tart. Again it was a really nice day so we sat outside, this doesn't happen enough in Edinburgh because it's always so bloody windy! Haha. Afterwards the two of us went to sit down and enjoy the sunshine in Russell Square while my dad went away for a wander and a pint. Whilst sitting there a guy casually strolled through playing a trumpet, only in London. 

Later in the evening, we went for food at a little Italian restaurant nearby our hotel. We go to it every year as the pizza is delicious and it always has such a buzzing atmosphere. Then it was time to go see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Oh my god, I loved it! The set was so wonderful and the actors were amazing. I don't think I've ever seen a bad show in London, previous ones have included The Lion King and Wicked. But anyway, I definitely recommend it!

The next day my sister and I went into Camden to begin our "shopping day". Haha, we always have one. My poor dad can't be bothered so he always goes off and does his own thing. Well done to him for not getting lost on the tubes though :P We went into Rokit Vintage and then stopped off at a vegan cafe beside the canal. They had so much yummy food for sale, but as we knew we were meeting my dad for lunch we decided to get a smoothie each. Mines was a mango based one and my sister's was a cacao one. We then took a look at some of the market areas, and I picked up an amazing new tapestry for my wall which I'd been after for ages.

We met our dad on Oxford Street for some lunch and then did a bit more shopping. As you can imagine, it was a long and tiring day haha, so for dinner we just headed to Wagamamas.

Hope you enjoyed this post, I have one more left!

Claire xx

Lush Cup O' Coffee.

May 20, 2016

This has got to be my favourite face (and body, but I don't really use it for that) product from Lush. Having tried the Mask of Magnaminty and Let The Good Times Roll, and really loving both, I didn't think any other would do better. Cup O' Coffee is a scrub which I just love to use during a shower. Unlike Magnaminty, this one doesn't leave my face feeling slightly tight after use, instead it feels so soft and completely fresh.

The smell alone is enough reason to buy this product. I feel if you were to use this in the morning it would completely perk you up! I prefer evening showers but it's still a lovely smell to wind down with as it also includes vanilla. I usually leave this on my face for around 15 minutes and then scrub and rinse it off. Another bonus is that it's completely vegan, yay!

Have you tried this scrub?

Claire xx

London | Day 1 & 2.

May 18, 2016
Hello lovelies! At the beginning of May, my sister, my dad and I had what is now turning out to be our annual trip to London. I'm gonna have a few of these posts because I ended up taking quite a lot of photos both on my phone and camera, hope you enjoy! :)

We arrived in London on the Monday late afternoon so just had our dinner in the hotel and then went to the Curzon cinema in Soho. The movie we watched was called Victoria and was all shot in one massive take! It was a bit slow to begin with but overall was an amazing film which took a shocking turn, I definitely recommend it. Also, the actors were so good.

On our second day we set off early to go on one of the Beatles tours. We met a very friendly guy at Marylebone station and then walked around to different locations over the course of two hours. It was an interesting tour made even better by the sunshine being out. Our last stop was the famous Abbey Road crossing (and studios) so of course the place was filled with people trying to get photos which was pretty hilarious. No one cared about the traffic at all haha.

Afterwards we went to Covent Garden for some crepes and a wander around some of the shops. This wasn't complete without a visit to Laduree of course where my sister and I bought a box of macarons each, mmm. We did some more walking around and then somehow ended up at Patisserie Valerie for a hot drink and some cake (it was a sugary day okay). In the evening we went to Byron - after walking through a pretty dodgy street in Soho (sex shops and "massage" places etc haha). I got one of their veggie burgers with avocado instead of goats cheese - it was actually really good. Afterwards my sister and I got a frozen yoghurt from Snog, which had the coolest ever lights display on the ceiling.

Stay tuned for day 3!

Claire xx

Dungaree dress.

May 01, 2016

Dungaree dress | Primark
Top | Urban Outfitters
Necklace | Topshop

So continues my love affair with pinafores/dungarees <3 I can't help it, they instantly make a top look so much cuter. This particular one was of course cheap as chips but I don't think it looks too different to the ones you would see in Topshop for example. This long sleeved top is definitely one of my favourite sale finds from Urban Outfitters, I just love the colour and I think it looks perfect with some pink lipstick. I wish I could remember what this necklace stands for, without sounding too ignorant it's either love or peace, I do know that :P

I hope everyone's had a nice weekend and that you have lovely plans for the week ahead. I'm actually hopping on a train to London tomorrow morning for a 5 day holiday with my family. I believe there's going to be actual sunshine there so I can't wait! ;) 

Claire xx