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Stripes & denim.

February 28, 2016

This outfit just really makes me want it to be spring time for some reason. Or just the weather where we don't need big jackets, please. I have spotted some pretty flowers peeking out already though so it must be on it's way :)

I hadn't actually worn this pinafore with anything striped yet, which is surprising as it's such a classic pairing. In hindsight, I maybe should have gone with one I have which isn't cropped but oh well. Anyway, I didn't feel like anything was more fitting with this outfit than a bit of red lipstick. Oh the choker necklace I'm wearing has been in my collection since high school, I still love it! (And I remember my now boyfriend complimenting it during one of the first times we hung out, hehe).

How has your weekend been? Tell me something interesting you did? I've had a really chilled one which concluded with some Chinese food and Orange is the New Black.

Claire xx

Pinafore - Topshop | Top - H&M | Trainers - Converse

Three movies on my shelf #2.

February 27, 2016

So apparently the last time I did one of these posts was two years ago now. Woops. For something I genuinely love sharing I don't know how it ended up a forgotten idea. When I did write up the last post I named it three of my favourite movies, but instead I'm going to change it to just three movies on my shelf because I own a lot and it's not like they are all absolute favourites even though I still like them. Hope that makes sense haha, here they are...

001. Submarine - Okay, so this is one of my all time favourites. It's a very indie high school love story written by Richard Ayoade and features a soundtrack performed by Alex Turner. I adore the little jackets the main characters are always wearing, their never ending awkwardness, and just the general way the movie is filmed.

002. I Love You Phillip Morris - Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor play a gay couple. It's just amazing. There's prison, there's crudeness, and there's just the most unexpectedly brilliant chemistry ever. If you do watch it, listen out for "Oh shit, I broke your screen!" Has me in stitches every time.

003. Drive - Ryan Gosling driving around and looking fiiiiine. Haha but seriously, he plays a stuntman who also works for criminals, whilst maybe falling for the adorable Carey Mulligan. This movie has such a good soundtrack and a decent dose of violence.

Have you seen any of these movies?

Claire xx

Checks & zips.

February 25, 2016

Zara isn't a shop I go into very often (to be fair I mostly venture into H&M and Primark) but when I do I usually find a little gem. This skirt is exactly that, I love it! It's just the perfect shape, length and pattern. Also love the double zip detail on the front. Though it probably does look cuter with a crop top/t-shirt, as I've tried to terribly illustrate here by tucking my jumper in. I've been living in jumpers because I'm a freezing cold granny haha. Jumpers on jumpers on jumpers. I really love my little bow necklace too, but I can't remember where it's from, grr. I can't take these boots off either, I've been wearing them non-stop as they're the comfiest things ever!

Hope you have a lovely day,

Claire xx

Jumper - H&M | Skirt - Zara | Boots - Primark

Polkadot hearts.

February 17, 2016

Shirt | New Look
Skirt | H&M
Shoes | Primark

I realise this might look like a belated Valentines outfit due to the love heart print, should have posted this on Sunday haha. For Valentines though I wore a sickly sweet pink skater dress to go see a really cool little band - Tigercats -  play in Edinburgh. The gig was amazing, and I even treated myself to one of their vinyls after the show. So yeah, if you enjoy indie music then give them a listen!

There is also a piece of sad news about this outfit, ready? My necklace has since snapped. RIP little key.

Anyway, I leave you with a photo of the band. Hope you like the outfit and are having a great day!

Claire xx

Lust list 016.

February 11, 2016

Ahh I need this gingham shirt in my life, it's so pretty! In fact I'd happily wear it with the denim skirt and the brogues too for a nice little outfit. I do kind of have this skirt in a dark denim already, but oh well. The lighter denim is really nice too. I know the shoes are probably quite love/hate but I just think they'd look cool with so many girly dresses to give them a different vibe. Anything shiny and pink will always catch my eye so this makeup bag comes as no surprise. Also I'm not bothered about the black top being this specific one, but I just really want one this colour with the front lattice detail.

But anyway, lists like these are definitely dreams for me at the moment considering I just spent loads on a new mansion for my rats haha, they're more spoilt than me that's for sure.

What are you lusting after at the moment?

Claire xx

Mustard please.

February 01, 2016

Coat, jumper & shorts | H&M
Boots | Primark

I don't even like mustard. But I do love this jumper. Even better with my pimp faux fur jacket which I've been wearing for most of winter. I can't actually remember if I've featured it on here before, but it was passed on to me by my friend when she had a bit of a wardrobe change. Let's also take a moment to appreciate the beautiful detail on these velvet shorts, so pretty. They really remind me of maybe a dress or a fancy top I used to own when I was wee.

Anyway, I know yet again it's been a long time since I've posted here, so hello. I hope you're all well and that your weekend was filled with fun. Unfortunately on Saturday I lost my last old boy rat, Limmy (he made it to 2 1/2) and now my original foursome are all gone. Just a month ago I had his brother Dexter put to sleep so it's been tough. I should really do a post on my boys to commemorate their amazing little selves <3 I do still have four boy rats, all younger of course. Soon they will be getting treated to such a cool (and much bigger) cage. I just wish my others were here to experience it, I miss them every day.

Sorry for going off on a sad tangent there, hope you liked my first outfit post of 2016!

Claire xx