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Holding on.

November 20, 2015

Jacket | H&M 
Dress | Topshop 
Shoes | Primark

Bet my cat wishes he hadn't walked over to me when I was taking these photos, hahaha. Anyway, I wanted this dress for sooo long, since whenever it was in the shops which was quite a long time ago now. So when I spotted it on eBay for a fraction of the price I was pretty happy. You know those days when you know you'll be eating lots of food or just don't feel like wearing tight-fitting clothing? Yeah this is the perfect dress for that. I love the contrast of the two patterns. 

Oh and I'm also so happy I finally have a new pair of brown brogues in my life! I don't know if any of you were obsessed with the ones Primark had out years ago (I'm talking maybe 2008) but I went through so many pairs of them and wore them all to death. For some reason I've hated the ones they've brought out in recent years but these are pretty close to the original ones, yay. 

Hope everyone's well and has a great weekend,

Claire xx