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Baby came home.

September 25, 2014

Jumper, skirt & necklace | H&M
Shoes | Primark

First off, my hair isn't as crazy red as it looks here. But the damn skylight made everything brighter and when I tried to edit it I just made my skin look even paler haha. Anyway, I've mostly been throwing on comfortable outfits lately as I've been busy working more so when I have left the house I've not been putting much thought into my choices. Though I did know I'd be obsessed with this super pale pink jumper. These shoes also probably don't even go with the skirt but oh well ^_^

I'm enjoying having red hair as it means I can go through all my clothes with a fresh approach and decide which things I still want to keep. Saving that proper browse for a rainy day though I guess. Think I'm just gonna end up wearing more black because it creates such a nice contrast and who doesn't love black everything?

Today I've had a driving lesson and now I'm off to walk a cutie pie dog. It feels so good to be back driving and also to be right back at the level I was at 2 years ago after only 4 lessons! I still have to redo my theory test (major booo) but then I'll soon be able to get my actual test done which puts the absolute fear into me.

What have you done/are you doing with your day? xo

A trip to Glasgow | Dancing to The Little Mermaid & cups of tea.

September 19, 2014

Last Thursday I went through to Glasgow for the night (and following afternoon) for a friend's birthday. I feel like it's the only exciting thing I've done lately (busy planning things for my dog walking business) so may as well do a blog post about it!

My outfit of the night was a little black top from H&M and my high-waisted tartan pencil skirt from Topshop - paired with some heeled boots of course. Oh, there were two other girls with us but they didn't want any photos that night :P

We danced for hours in a gay club called Polo, it was so much fun because the music was classic 90s pop - we requested Dr Jones by Aqua and they played it, plus they played Under The Sea from The Little Mermaid haha! Once it closed we headed to the casino for too many bowls of onion rings and chips - classy.

The next day we took a walk to a vegan restaurant called Stereo. It was really nice inside, kind of reminded me of places I visited in London with it's rustic appearance. Unfortunately I didn't like my soup very much, it was too spicy for me >.< Probably would have been fine for most people just not me haha! I will say their bread was delicious though.

Afterwards we took the tube to a different part of Glasgow and visited the cutest little tea house, Tchai-Ovna. It was like being in someone's living room and they had the biggest selection of teas I've ever seen - you'd probably be there for a year trying them all.

I went for caramel tea which was really delicious with some brown sugar added. Though the teapot was the size of my head, I didn't manage to finish it! But then maybe it's cause the actual cups to drink from were like cute little doll ones.

Hope you enjoyed this post and are are having a lovely Friday :) xo

Tu es beau.

September 06, 2014

Jacket | H&M
Top, skirt, bag, shoes, ring | Primark
Glasses | Forever 21

Afternoon sweeties, this is the second last outfit post I have which features my dark hair...if you follow me on instagram you'll know I'm now a redhead! It feels so weird because whenever I catch my reflection I forget it's me for a split second haha.

This is probably one of my favourite quick throw-on outfits lately, though the skirt is a darker shade in real life just incase you go looking for it in Primark. Still, I love the autumnal feel this outfit gives. I seriously can't stop wearing these leopard print flats though, think they're one of my favourite cheap buys this year. And sometimes I'm brave enough to wear my Forever 21 glasses outside, I do love them.

Last night I went to see the movie Let's Be Cops, and found it hilarious if you're after some classic laughs. Though it might be due to my love for Happy Endings and New Girl, as both the main actors are from those shows, I can't get enough!

What have you done so far/what are your plans this weekend? xo

August Haul | Fashion (Try-On), Beauty & Homeware.

September 01, 2014

All details are/will be up underneath the video!
Hope you enjoy xo