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Scented Candle Shop.

May 24, 2014

All scented items c/o ScentedCandleShop
Yankee Candle votive holder | Amazon

I was very kindly sent some amazingly yum items from ScentedCandleShop. I say yum because I really want to eat these candles, they smell sooooo good. I can't actually use candles in my bedroom anymore because of my rats, but these will come in perfectly for those movie nights in the living room (maybe when my sister and I are watching Pitch Perfect for the tenth time...)

When given the choice, I couldn't help but go for Yankee candles as I know these are amazing quality and plus I can burn the votives in my pretty floral holder (which I got on Amazon a couple of years ago). As you can see, I went for all the sweet/foodie scents because it's nice when your house smells like you've been baking cakes. Red Velvet, Strawberry Buttercream and Sugared Apple are all super sweet if you're into that sort of thing. I also chose a spicier scent - Vanilla Chai -  and couldn't resist trying out a scent which will remind me of camping - Fireside Treats.

As for the medium sized jar, my god the Summer Scoop scent is perfection, it reminds me of Chewits or something. Plus it's pink, yay for pink things! I was also sent a couple of scented sachets, which are both lovely but I've really fallen for the Velvet Woods one. It reminds me of a nice smelling aftershave mixed with the woods. Haven is more of a gentle, beachy smell.

Overall I can't fault the service, everything was posted really quickly and I'm so happy and grateful to have been given the opportunity. If anything you should definitely treat yourself to some votives as they are so cheap and last quite a while! xo

Video | Collective Spring Haul.

May 14, 2014

Hi lovelies! I recorded another collective haul video the other week which features lots of things I've picked up during the months of March and April. Hope you enjoy! And please ignore dem rootz, hair has been done now haha.


London // Part One.

May 07, 2014
I've finally gotten around to editing my London photos (I'm sure my sister will be happy I can finally tag her in everything) so here is my first installment. We had such a nice time and had the most perfect weather, though I never feel like I do enough when I'm there - definitely need to go back for a fourth time! Hope you enjoy :)

On our first night, we took the tube to the area of Angel and went for burgers at a place called Byron. It was so cool and minimalistic inside - it basically looked unfinished but this gave it a sort of charm! I ordered a veggie burger of course and some fresh lemonade, everything was so delicious. Afterwards we walked along the road and headed into The Screen On The Green to watch 'The Double'. It's written by Richard Ayoade who also made one of my favourite movies ever, 'Submarine'. Very quirky, worth watching I'd say! The cinema itself was so cute and welcoming, like a little miniature theatre.

The next day we got on the tube again and travelled to Covent Garden. There were so many cute window displays (look at that beautiful Dior one!), it was hard not to go into every shop. But then I found the holy grail...

...a Moomin shop! It was tucked away and would be quite easy to pass by but I'm so glad we discovered it as I used to love/be creeped out by this show when it was on. Inside there were so many cute household items and it was hard to control the urge to buy everything, but instead I came out with a sweet little notebook and postcard.

We stopped by Laduree and enjoyed some macaroons outside in the sunshine. I got a pistachio one, my sister got strawberry marshmallow and my dad got coffee.

We then went to Camden and walked around all the markets (much to my dad's dismay haha). I've been to this area before and love the buzz it has. We stopped by the main food area and ate pizza slices by the canal.  After more walking and browsing, we got the tube to the area of Barbican and headed to a cafe which is also a bike shop because I thought it looked pretty cool.

I'm told by my dad that their coffee wasn't the best but I really enjoyed the way everything was laid out and decorated (I am a bike obsessive though haha). Also their peanut butter brownie was yummy!

The rest of the evening was quite chilled out, we had dinner in the hotel and went to bed by about midnight as we were so knackered from all the walking. Very unlike me, 5am is my usual bedtime these days woops... I hope you enjoyed, stay tuned for part two! xo

We fell in love, right by the ocean.

May 02, 2014

Cardigan & skorts | Primark
Top  & necklace | H&M
Boots | New Look

My sister said I reminded her of something from The Flintstones in this outfit...I used to love Betty so I'll take it as a compliment. Everything in this outfit apart from the necklace are things that I've picked up recently and will be featuring in a haul video which I recorded the other day. As much as I love all the items, I think the thing I'm most in love with are the shoes - they're so comfy! For me to say that about heels is quite a big thing, but I guess it's because they are trainer style ones. The fact that they are black as well means they go with everything, so for £19.99 I just had to have them :)

I picked up the lace crop top from H&M whilst I was away in London, it's the perfect pretty lilac shade.  The skorts are something I haven't stopped wearing either, though I wish I'd been able to find the pink/purple ones in my size also, oh well. This was looking far too revealing an outfit for the weather Scotland generally gets, so I chucked on my fluffy black cardigan from Primark to make sure I wasn't freezing my bits off. 

Hope you enjoyed this outfit post and are having a lovely start to the weekend, I'm off to take a cute little doggy for a walk xo