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New in | What I got for Christmas.

December 29, 2013
Hi lovelies :) As promised here is my post about the Christmas presents I received this year. I'm so grateful to my family for everything, we've had a very tough year but the fact we still managed to make the effort for Christmas means a lot to me. I've not got them in any order from specific people, just know they are from my dad, sister and two aunties.

I'd actually spied this My Little Pony mug in Urban Outfitters before and was going to buy it, so was very happy to receive this from my sister. I'm completely in love with this adorable cat watch, it'll make a nice change from wearing my Casio. I asked for a bottle of Jimmy Choo as I've lusted after it for years, it's such a cute little size too which is perfect for popping in my bag!

Yes, I'm a hardcore Gossip Girl fan. Blair + Chuck 4eva. I'm actually only at the start of season 5 (even though I know who it is) so still have lots of new episodes to enjoy! Lawless and Moonrise Kingdom are two of the best movies I've seen, I just had to have them in my collection. This book is one I was recommended on Amazon, it certainly sounds like an intriguing read.

Baking themed gifts, enough said.

Mmm Lush goodies. Unfortunately I don't have a bath in my house, so I can't get any of the pretty bath bombs. But it doesn't really matter because everything in these two sets smells so good! The Sweetie Pie shower jelly is like jelly babies in a tub, and Let The Good Times Roll has actual popcorn in it.

Topshop nail polish in Ice Crush and Circus.

These are such gorgeous scents! Even though I haven't lit them yet, all I can smell is the mango peach salsa one in my room.

Lots of pretty jewellery from H&M and New Look. And cute printed socks, of course.

So I hope you enjoyed seeing the presents I received, I've loved seeing all your posts :) For now I have to go off to work (boooo) but I'm wishing you all a great Sunday! xo

Christmas day 2013.

December 27, 2013
Thought I'd put up some snippets from my Christmas day. It was difficult like I imagined, but with lots of laughs and chinese food, we managed to have a nice time :)

Christmas tree the night before. My sister and I wearing our sexy slippers.

My great aunty and my sister.

My aunty and my cousin (dress & necklace are both from H&M).

Fringe crew.

I know we were laughing about trifle for at least 20 minutes.

My friend Ben had made me a bottle of mulled wine so we heated up some of that.

I hope you all had a really great Christmas, I still have to catch up on my blog reading so look forward to seeing all your posts (especially the present ones hehe). That will be my next post as well so hopefully that interests you all! Have a lovely day xo

Edinburgh Christmas market.

December 21, 2013

I've been to the market a few times this Christmas but these are photos from when I went a couple of weeks ago with my aunty and sister. Everything is looking the prettiest it ever has! As usual I wanted to buy one of each amazing thing and eat all the sweet stuff. I definitely went home with a tummy full of cinnamon crepes and chocolate covered marshmallows.

I hope you're all having a good holiday season so far. It's of course going to be a weird one for me as just last year my mum was out Christmas shopping with me and we were having a lovely time. I'm glad I do have those memories though. Right now I'm off to do my last bit of present buying and then I'm finally done, can't wait to relax. Time to watch alllllll the movies!

Can hardly make you mine.

December 06, 2013

Shirt | c/o Heart by nANA jUDY
Skirt & shoes | Primark
Necklace | H&M

Ahh, look at this beauty of a shirt, it's the perfect mint shade and I love the gold detailing! I was kindly sent this by the Australian brand Heart by nANA jUDY, they have so many lovely pieces, you should definitely take a look. I actually didn't have any pieces of clothing in this colour yet which is surprising as I love pastels (okay I do wear a lot of black though haha). I added my bar necklace from H&M as it matches the collar so perfectly. Can't help but feel that mint and pink were meant for each other as well.

Hope you're all having a lovely Friday! x

Instagram 019.

December 04, 2013

Dvd choices for a night in, both so similar. I'd never watched Chopper before, so good! Cat dress and dark lips.

My sister cheesing because it was her birthday. Treated myself at the American candy store, have missed Jolly Ranchers so much.

Chillin' i.e. watching the rats, I know his game. Late night veggie burger at Wetherspoons.

Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate buttercream, wish I'd gotten to eat one but they were for a school fair. My friend Martyna got to eat one of the vanilla buttercream ones in Costa, ooh sneaky.

Forever in love with pretty trees.

Two of my cheeky little guys, Limmy and Dexter. Wearing my eyeball socks far too much.

Salted caramel & cream latte ft. Rudolph // Was taking outfit photos of this pretty shirt, then rediscovered this leopard headband, it's so cute.

Instagram: xjad0re

I'm up in the woods, I'm down on my mind.

December 02, 2013

Yes, I usually look that creepy.

Hi sweeties, I thought I'd share some photos from recent adventures in the woods. As much as I love living in the city, it's really nice to go somewhere pretty and breathe some actual fresh air (and poke massive cow poos with a long stick, not ashamed).

I've not been up to an awful lot lately. One of my rat babies hasn't been well so I've been obsessively looking after him and he's almost back to his hyperactive self. I made a trip to Ikea with my dad and will have my new sofa bed delivered this week. Also couldn't help myself but buy one of their dreamy bed canopies. Just need some fairy lights to complete my little sleep corner.

What lovely things have you done over the weekend?