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New in | Primark, Topshop & NYX.

November 13, 2013

Can we just start off by saying "omg omg, Ryan Gosling on a t-shirt!"...I've mostly been wearing it to sleep in lately because let's face it, who doesn't want to take him to bed?

As you can see though, I've bought quite a few comfy items and can see myself going back to Primark for even more (I still want the Minnie Mouse slippers and some tartan pyjamas). Last year I bought the Hello Kitty slippers, and they are such cosy little things but I've worn them to death so these pink babies were calling out to me. I got the eyeball socks from Topshop as part of the 3 for £8 offer whilst buying my sister a couple of pairs for her birthday.

Care Bears was one of my favourite cartoons when I was younger so you can imagine my excitement when I spotted these pyjama leggings, they're too cute for words. Also, I wouldn't normally include underwear but how adorable are the kitty print pants?! Yes, I'm that girl.

The black and gold cropped top is something I think will look really nice with disco pants or a little high-waisted skirt (most likely black or burgundy because that's all I wear). I'm also in love with the tattoo style print t-shirt, it's so soft and pretty.

I made an order for some NYX products from Cherry Culture as I'd had some of them on my wish list for absolutely ages. For lips I got three of their butter lip glosses in the shades Strawberry Parfait, Maple Blondie, and Merengue, one soft matte lip cream in Monte Carlo (which I was wearing in my last outfit post), and a mega shine lipgloss in Beige. I also got their famous jumbo eye pencil in the shade Milk, and a beautiful blush called Angel. Overall, I really love everything!

What's your favourite thing that you have bought recently?

Running down to the riptide, taken away to the dark side.

November 10, 2013

Jumper | c/o Fashion Union
Dress | Urban Outfitters
Boots | Daisy Street

Afternoon pretties. I was sent this lovely fluffy jumper recently and it happens to go perfectly with my new dress. I wasn't even picturing it with a collar sticking out, but once I paired the two together it just looked right. I'm already missing being able to go out dressed like this though, without the need for a giant winter coat. I enjoy the cold months at first but get tired of them quickly. But okay it does mean I can wear my cat mittens so it's not all bad...

I'm also wearing a new lip product, one of the matte lip creams from NYX. I love it so much as it lasts really well and is such a pretty red. I'll be featuring my NYX purchases in my next blog post (alongside more cute items from Primark, hi Bambi slippers).

Hope you all have a great Sunday x

Instagram 018.

November 03, 2013

Ridiculously sweet drink from Starbucks. I'm sorry I just don't love you enough, Costa is my man. Changing the bedsheets ft. this wee cutie.

Lunch at Dobbies. Finally got the ring holder I've wanted for so long & bought this pretty dress.

Sorted through all my lipsticks as I was making a NYX order and couldn't decide which colours I needed (clearly none). Bought a new bottle of my favourite perfume, mmm sweeties.

Miaowing around in the pub after going on a ghost bus tour. Ready for a party the next night as Katy Perry, I want to wear this wig forever.

Instagram: xjad0re

Hope you all had a fun Halloween weekend, I'm only disappointed in myself for not watching enough scary movies (even though I watch them all the time anyway but that's not the point haha). What are your favourite horror movies? Would love some new recommendations xo