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Wish he was my boyfriend.

October 26, 2013

Dress & boots | Primark
Lips | Bourjois colour boost 'red sunrise'

Yup, definitely feel like some sort of school girl in this dress. Think I'll be careful not to wear it with flats or I may actually blend in with some of the kids around here. I do wish the dress was a little bit more fitted on me around the waist but other than that it's rather perfect. I think it'll look so nice with a dark coloured winter coat and maybe some plum or burgundy lipstick instead.

Lately I've been madly tidying up/throwing stuff out in my room as I'm rearranging quite a bit of it. I don't feel I can function properly anymore until it's just the way I want it, does anyone else get like that? I'm so excited to have more space and to be able to let my ratties free range as I won't be worried they're lost under a pile of god knows what. I still have to finish painting all my furniture white, and take a trip to Ikea for my sofa bed and bed canopy (plus probably another 1000000 things). I might take some before and after pictures, would be fun to see the transition when looking back.

New in | Primark, H&M and makeup.

October 23, 2013

I've been going a little crazy with foundation buying over the past couple of months. These are just two of the ones I've picked up, and while I wanted to love the No.7 Stay Perfect foundation, it just wasn't as nice as I expected. I didn't think it stayed looking as flawless as I'd have liked throughout the day but I'm sure it would work for different skin types. I'm not surprised that I fell in love with the Revlon Photoready foundation as I love pretty much everything by them (their Nearly Naked one is definitely in my top 3 ever). It gives great coverage and I found my perfect match in the shade Vanilla.

I know there are mixed feelings about the Seventeen Phwoarr paint but I think it's really nice to use as it feels so creamy and covers well. I picked up the brow kit from Tesco and I can't recommend it enough. It has two shadows, a wax and a finishing powder so I'm sure it would work for a variety of hair colours. The lip crayon is my second one of the Colour Boost shades from Bourjois, a nice pink-toned red. If you want a shimmery highlight for your eyes, I'm in love with this Collection 2000 eyeshadow pencil.

I haven't spent much on clothes over the past couple of months as I just haven't been in the mood, but on a recent trip to town I managed to pick a few things. Firstly, the dress it seems EVERYONE is going on about. Primark have this in two colours and both totally look like school girl dresses, but I think that gives them their charm. I wanted to try out some midi rings so figured these gold toned ones were nice enough. The beautiful stone ring is part of a set which I can't seem to find now, but it's worth it alone for this one. Also couldn't resist the adorable moon and star ring from H&M.

I've wanted a new purse for so long now, and after finally throwing my tatty old pink one in the bin, a simplistic black one was calling me. I'm not a massive fan of insects but I think it looks interesting. Then I got the velvet top featured in my last outfit post, the black lace up boots and the ever-so-cosy snood which I never want to take off. My favourite thing has to be the cat mittens from H&M, I'm so in love with them and can't wait for it to be cold enough. They deserve to be wrapped around a yummy coffee on a winter walk.

Velvet florals.

October 17, 2013

Top | Primark
Skirt | Zara
Shoes | Primark
Watch | Casio c/o The Watch Hut

Hi sweeties :) It feels good to finally get a new outfit post up on my blog again, I've missed doing them. I have a mini selection of new things to show you (will be in my next post) and this top is one of those things. I'm a sucker for some velvet, it just looks so rich and pretty. Though when I tried it on, my friend and I decided it would look super sexy to try on the matching leggings. Let's just say I looked like a plum.

I got this skirt months ago in the Zara sale. I love how the red and purple shades look together, and my velvet top seems to match pretty well. I even coordinated my watch because I'm that dedicated. Would you look at this shiny peace of magic I was very kindly sent from the people at The Watch Hut. It's the exact Casio I've always wanted...

I don't think I'll be taking it off for a while. It's been a long time since I've actually bothered wearing a watch but this one is so simple and classic. And I'm not even lying when I say I was going to buy myself this one from Asos last winter, how strange. Guess me and him were meant to be.

I hope you're all well. Just wanted to say thank you again to anyone who left me a lovely comment on my last post, it means a lot and once I'm home later (have a play date at Clambers) I will be replying to you all xo

Life update & Instagram 017.

October 10, 2013
Hi lovelies :)

It really has been forever since I've posted and whilst I have missed the blogging community, I do have good reason. I don't know if any of you follow me on tumblr as I have mentioned on there what happened in my life last month. My mother had been ill with cancer on and off for the past three years, and on September 12th this year it finally took her life. I've been all over the place since then and still don't think it's sunk in properly. I've just been trying to keep myself busy and focus on being with friends and family.

I'm not looking for sympathy so I hope this post doesn't come across that way, I just wanted to keep you all updated and it only felt right to be open about it. The best place I could think of to get back into things was with a little instagram update. Thanks for reading x

Had a nice night out at the circus with my aunty and sister. My favourite veggie breakfast (have had a fair few of these the past couple of months haha).

Juice from the heavens. Being goff on a night out. I can't help it, I just love black.

Brought home two new babies and have named them Dexter & Limmy. They're so adorable and hyper, and now live with my two older boys.

Went for frozen yoghurt with my friend, could seriously eat this every day. Liked my hair for a change.

Treated myself to some cheap dvds and a new pair of amazing headphones. Wore this dress for two nights out at the weekend, totally forgot I had it.

Tripped onto the scissors yet again, welcome back fringe. Bought this cosy little pumpkin for my boys.