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August 23, 2013

Sleepy selfie // Cats and smoothies // Popcorn time with Walt // Lunch with my sister // Pizza time with Swedish lovelies // Monsters University // Casual wash on the back of the door // New Batman house // Being awkward at the beach // One of the prettiest little sinks at the Balmoral hotel // Shoulder slugs // Another selfie // Nice to stand here and think // Ice creaaam // Creepy wee demon child // Topshop daisy tee from ebay // Night out // Goobstooper // Makeup from blog post // Shower treats // Finally got these, love them // Shelf babies // Found a record player and some records // Icing cakes in my hello kitty slippers // Finished cupcakes

Instagram: xjad0re

Favourite music: Been listening to a lot of Summer Camp after rediscovering them due to their latest song 'Fresh'. I first fell in love with them after seeing the video for 'Round the Moon' which features footage from A Swedish Love Story.

Favourite tv show: They're always favourites of mine but I love that there's been new episodes of Happy Endings (Penny needs to be my bff) and New Girl (the Jess & Nick tension is just the greatest). 

Favourite product: Definitely my Maybelline Baby Lips - they smell sooo good and the colours are really pretty. Also my little bottle of Nails Inc polish in the shade St James. Perfect red shade and lasted well.

Other: This video for Spiritualized's 'I Am What I Am'. Powerful and featuring Rory Culkin, mmm.


August 14, 2013

Top & skirt | Primark
Shoes | New Look
Bag | H&M

I can't deny that when I'm bored of all my clothes, putting on some red lipstick and a simple yet girly outfit makes me happy. I've probably been wearing this skirt far too much lately, but it goes with everything and is the perfect little length. The top reminds me of all the glitter dresses I used to beg my mum to buy me and then wear to Christmas parties when I was younger. It still isn't the comfiest material to wear, but I don't mind. And now I've brought back memories of all the Disney leggings I used to be obsessed with. Surely I wasn't the only one?

Kiss me back to heaven.

August 11, 2013

Top | Topshop
Disco pants | Glamorous
Boots | Daisy street
Necklace | H&M

I'd always wanted this pretty little daisy print top from Topshop, so when I was having one of my usual ebay browses I just knew this had to be mine. It's so detailed and lovely, and it's easy to wear a simple vest underneath instead of flashing underwear due to it's sheerness. I like how it looks with my rose gold necklace as well. 

I've obviously worn it with my disco pants here, but I also think it'd look cute with a high-waisted skirt or even underneath a pinafore dress (really need to buy a black one of those).

Oh, I might not look it but I'm so happy - I have two whole weeks off from work, HALLELUJAH.

Cycle to Cramond.

August 03, 2013

Hey sweeties! The other day my sister and I were bored so decided to go for a cycle all the way to Cramond. The weather fairy was looking down on us it would seem, as it started pouring as soon as we got home.

I love this area, it's so cute and pretty. I've even camped out here before, though not on the island (swept out into sea anyone?). We saw so many dogs on our journey as well, and decided to give some of them voiceovers, as you do. Sorry the picture of me isn't focused properly, my sister is still learning with my camera.

Yesterday I went for afternoon tea which was lovely. I can still feel all the sugar running through my veins. Managed to drink about 8 cups of tea as well, some kind of record for me. Mmm, tea. Hope you're all having a nice start to the weekend.