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Everybody wants to be a cat.

July 30, 2013

Dress & bag | H&M
Shoes | Office
Necklace | Primark

Can you believe this cute little dress was only £15? I expected it to be one of the usual £25 dresses in H&M but was so happy when I realised the cheaper price. It's perfect for cat ladies like myself and is a really lovely ribbed quality. I love that half of them have faces and the other half are just silhouettes, it adds a slightly different touch than most other animal print items I've seen.

I wore this to go have dinner (pizza mmm) with my friends at one of their houses. It was such a lovely evening as well, I didn't even need a jacket.

Hope you've all had a nice weekend :)

Instagram 015.

July 23, 2013

Pineapple, coconut & lime fruit cooler // Waffles // New makeup & brush // Egg roll & tea in bed // Day at the beach // Ice creams // Skinny lane // Fruit cone for the boys // New boots // OOTN // Pretty animals // Dressing gown snuggles // On the train to Glasgow // Wrap with quorn chicken, spinach & tomato // Camping // The blues.

Instagram: xjad0re

I know I just did an Instagram post not long ago but really it's where I've been taking most of my photos lately, my real cameras have been a bit neglected. I've been having lots of lovely days (and nights) out due to the weather being amazing. Even though as I type this we've had a thunderstorm earlier this morning.

I'm going to add some current favourites to these kind of posts now, as I like looking back on things I was enjoying at the time and love reading other peoples' :)

Tv show : Breaking Bad. I'm finally onto season 5 and although one of the best characters is gone I'm still loving it so much! Won't deny I enjoy staring at Aaron Paul too.

Music : Definitely Haim. Have also been re-listening to lots of Rilo Kiley.

Product : Since I bought Revlon Nearly Naked foundation, I've been enjoying it's lovely finish and lasting power.

Other : Thanks to my friend Oscar for showing me this wonderful video about spooning.

Polkadots in the forest.

July 21, 2013

I didn't intentionally match my outfit to my phone, I promise. This weekend my boyfriend and I took a little trip to a favourite spot of ours to camp out for the night. As the weather has been so lovely, it really was the perfect time. No freezing your bits off in the tent while you sleep, and having the sun rise early is a nice feeling (I'll always be a bit creeped out by the dark haha).

Sorry I look raging, I didn't know he was taking my photo at that second. And maybe I was sad that there were no cute Bambi's for me to steal.

Have you done anything fun or different this weekend?

New in | Joy, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters & more.

July 18, 2013
Hey lovelies! Whoops, took another unexpected break. As I'm sure you've heard every blogger say, I only blog when I'm feeling inspired to do so. Without passion for something there isn't much point. It's never something I want to feel like I have to do. 

Moving on, I really wanted to share my latest purchases with you all though so here they are! This is stuff I've bought over both June and July.

Bowls, owl vase & sundae glass | Joy
Rabbit ring holder | Urban Outfitters

Sunglasses & cross ring | Forever 21
Bows | New Look

Bralets | Silence + Noise @ Urban Outfitters

Mickey Mouse crop top | Primark
Pale pink Joni jeans | Topshop
Cat print crop top | Forever 21

Leopard print dress | New Look
Striped polo crop top | Primark

Boots | New Look

I've definitely been obsessing about all things homeware lately (more than usual) and just love the sweet touches these bits give my room. Even though I still have a couple of big furniture pieces to paint white, everything is coming together nicely. I got the rabbit ring holder in the sale too which was a bonus as I'd wanted it for ages. 

As for my three new lipsticks, I really couldn't have picked better shades. They're all totally different and beautiful. 'Cherries in the Snow' has been on my wishlist for a while whereas the other two were impulse buys which by the way smell amazing (does everyone else sniff their lipsticks? haha).

I got the two bralets to wear under vest tops with the lower arm holes, they're so pretty and were also in the sale, yay. I spotted this pink shade of Joni's online and just knew I would love them. They look really sweet with either of my printed crop tops too. I wasn't expecting to find a pair of boots like this in New Look, don't know why but they don't seem their 'style'. Either way, I was drawn over to them and the last pair were in my size. The boot gods were shining down on me.

I hope you're all well and enjoying the sunshine we've been having lately. I've been spending so much time outside in the garden with lots of ice lollies and a book, bliss.