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June 30, 2013

Had the week off work so started it out by having a lazy Sunday. Went shopping with my sister on the Tuesday.

Took this bad boy onesie home, definitely the best £12 I've spent. Then this amazing t-shirt I found on eBay arrived, love it!

A late breakfast and ootd (shirt from New Look & Topshop Joni jeans).

Went for such a nice evening drive with my boyfriend/ghoul. Love discovering little areas I haven't been to before.

Being the biggest poser ever as usual, he really loves any camera haha. This is how I party.

Put on some terrible fake tattoos with my sister. Always makes me happy seeing my bed with fresh sheets.

Healthy bagel with cherries & some green tea. Put my flower headband somewhere it can look pretty when I'm not wearing it.

Instagram: xjad0re

VLOG: Bombay Bicycle Club, A Forest & A Strawberry.

June 28, 2013
Hi lovelies! I've been putting off uploading this vlog for too long now (such laziness) but finally here is my second one. I don't lead the most exciting life as I'm sure you can tell but nevertheless I hope you enjoy :)

Procrastinating cat.

June 23, 2013

Jacket & dress | H&M
Boots | Daisy Street
Bag | Marc B

Miaow! I've finally been getting some wear out of this H&M cat print dress after buying it quite a while ago. If it was warm enough here to go out without tights I feel this outfit wouldn't look so wintery haha. But I get cold too easily so it has to be toasty for me to brave revealing my pins. And I know flashing my bra isn't exactly the most attractive look but at least it's black.

I'm in love with this little Marc B bag that I picked up in a charity shop, have wanted a nice simple quilted one like this for ages. You can pull the chain through to wear it long or short as well which is cool.

I've been off work for a week and a half (back today, who wants to shoot me?) and haven't even used it as an opportunity to get back into baking. I'm the worst procrastinator I know, everyone else seems to get things done but I'm forever finding other things to distract myself with (like filling up my eBay basket...). My goal this week is to be more focused, I'll probably need some luck.

Lights out, words gone.

June 18, 2013

Cardigan | H&M
Shirt, skirt & shoes | Primark

So as you might have noticed from my latest instagram update, this is the outfit I wore to go see Bombay Bicycle Club. I wasn't sure what I was going to wear and was just grabbing anything but ended up really loving this combination! The cropped polkadot shirt is perfect for tucking into anything high-waisted. And woops, there's that cardigan again. Think I need some counselling as I've grown too attached.

I'm not going to ramble on about how good the concert was, as I took some footage for my next vlog. (But it was wonderful). 

Could also use some counselling to stay away from Primark. My sister and I went there again yesterday (pretty sure one of the sales assistant guys thinks we live there) and may have come out with their fabulous strawberry onesie...

Instagram 013.

June 16, 2013

As featured in my vlog, I went to Frisky with my sister and got a mango frozen yoghurt with strawberries, mango juice balls & oreos. My cheap food haul which lasted a day.

I haven't felt like reading in a while but I'm getting back into this book which I started a few months ago. One of my boys likes to pretend he is a parrot.

Sensible drinks and yummy food at the City Cafe before the Bombay Bicycle Club gig. I recommend going there if you live in/visit Edinburgh, has a nice vibe and decent menu.

My sister and I queued at the end to get our photo taken with Jack Steadman, ahh he's such a cutie! Went out with friends the next night to my favourite dancing spot, the Wee Red Bar.

My other boy chillin' like a villain in their new tattoo print cube. They like to pretend they're innocent when really the inside is getting ripped to shreds already, sigh. Got myself an Ikea donut (after veggie hot dog and fries of course). Walked our food babies round the store afterwards.

instagram: xjad0re

Lust list 011.

June 14, 2013
MKL Collective Long Day dress Karmaloop // Cat ring Forever 21 // Leopard print cami Topshop // Skull stretch bracelet ASOS // Urban Decay All Nighter spray HQhair // Accoutrements Shark Attack mug Karmaloop 

Think we should firstly start by answering the question 'Is that a shark in a mug?'...why yes it is. I've wanted one of these mugs for so long, I saw the cute ones with squirrels etc a while ago but they were no longer being sold. Karmaloop stocks this one and also one with an octopus. So good to be drinking tea and then out pops a shark!

I'm not sure why I've featured two gold pieces of jewellery as everything I've been wearing lately is silver, maybe I'm subconsciously telling myself I need to change things up. The cat ring is also available in silver though.

As for the clothing, I can never resist a simple black dress. Especially as this one is a little different and allows for a cheeky display of skin. The leopard top is something I imagine would look great with black disco pants or jeans (along with the jewellery featured). If any of you have opinions on this Urban Decay setting spray please let me know, I think I'd enjoy using it but your thoughts are always welcome.

Humble bones.

June 04, 2013

Cardigan | H&M
Top | Influence
Leggings | H&M
Shoes | Daisy Street

I'll admit something to you all, this cardigan is my new addiction. I can't stop wearing it. It goes with everything and I love the curved shape at the bottom. I'm tempted to go back for the black one as well, hmm. This is the top I featured in my vlog, I think it's just the cutest. Oh and I'm glad my neck scratches don't look too bad in these photos, my rats have been using me as a climbing frame.

Later this week I'm going to see Bombay Bicycle Club with my sister, which I'm so excited about! I love their style of music, everything they sing is so pretty. Other than that I really want to go see The Purge at the cinema. It's probably not even that amazing but I need to see a jumpy movie, it's been too long.

I hope you're all enjoying the sunny weather whatever you're doing :)

VLOG: Frozen Yoghurt, Swim Deep & New Things.

June 02, 2013
Hey lovelies! I decided that I'd like to start putting little vlogs together as I think it's a nice way of keeping memories. I'm still a bit nervous about being in front of the camera and talking to it but I hope you'll enjoy :) In this one I visit Frisky with my sister, go to a Swim Deep concert, and buy a few new things... As always, have a great day! x