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Lust list 009.

February 26, 2013

I think it's pretty apparent that I'm looking forward to spring. As well as autumn, it's my favourite time of the year. I know the pink shoes are pretty bold but they are available in other colours if you'd prefer something different. The ice cream shorts are one of the cutest items of clothing I've ever seen, I love the waist detailing and of course the colours. I'm still lusting after a beautiful rose gold watch after posting one in a wish list ages ago. The two household items are also perfectly girly.

Mentioning the best thing last though. I've always been obsessed with Sabrina the Teenage Witch and after seeing the price go down on Amazon I don't know how much longer I'll be able to resist. Anyone else remember the pancake episode? Up there in the top 3 for sure.

Instagram 009.

February 24, 2013

001. Topshop polkadot dress from ebay.
002. Free tea sample - love Tea Pigs!

003. Movie night with my sister.
004. Easter cuties.

005. Retail therapy in Topshop, new jeans love.
006. The yummiest blueberry muffin from M&S!

007. Used some of my Costa points for a vanilla latte.
008. Stranded in the car, in the cold.

009. Gave in to my craving for sushi, mmm.
010. Before an evening out.

011. My boyfriend wrapped me up real good in the morning.
012. Yummy ice lolly.

013. Dreamcatcher and some pretty sunlight.
014. Before a night of crazy dancing.

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Polkadot playsuit.

February 20, 2013

Top | New Look
Playsuit | Miss Selfridge
Shoes | Office

I'm so in love with this playsuit. It looks cute with any little t-shirts underneath as well but I love it with this plain white top. It also pleases me that I don't have to worry about flashing my underwear whilst walking around Edinburgh (it's often windy here). There's still plenty left online, I suggest you snap one up if you share my love of polkadots!

As I mentioned before, I've recently started to properly clear out my wardrobe and sell stuff. I already feel as though some weight has been lifted as I hated looking at my clothes and not feeling inspired anymore. Plus I love the thought of things belonging to people who will love them more!

Just wanted to say thank you to anyone who left a lovely message on my last post. Things have been tough but I'm hoping things are taking a more positive turn now :) 

Oh also, are any of you attending the Scottish Bloggers Valentine party? I'm so nervous/excited to meet some of you and I love the choice of venue.

P.S. Come Dine With Me on in the background, my sister and I are hardcore fans.

Although I know I feel at home whenever you are near.

February 16, 2013
I'm sorry it's been quiet on my blog lately. Recently my family has had some bad news so we're just taking one day at a time and I haven't much felt like posting. Here is a selection of photos from recent times though, as always, very food orientated haha.

Back into making my favourite smoothies - raspberry and banana.

Bought this adorable votive holder for my little Yankees.

Was treated to some yummy salted popcorn from my Graze box.

Tidied up the dvd section of my bookcase.

Been addicted to tomato and basil soup, the best.

Took a late afternoon trip out to another beautiful area of Scotland.

Been making the effort to eat something other than cornflakes for breakfast (note the kitty shadow, he's always watching).

25 random facts about me.

February 10, 2013
I've been seeing these posts (with various number options) going around blogs and Youtube and as I enjoy reading them I thought I'd put one together. Hope it's even the tiniest bit interesting! :)

001. I'm vegetarian and have been for about 6 years.

002. I currently have 3 tattoos - my dreamcatcher, j'adore written at the top of my back and three paw prints on my hip.

003. I have emetophobia (fear of vomiting) which means I can't even bear to help out anyone close to me if they're being sick.

004. I was studying psychology at university but dropped out during second year as it wasn't for me.

005. I'm obsessed with noodles and rice.

006. My cat actually belonged to one of my neighbours many years ago but found love with me and has lived here ever since (don't worry, I've spoken to the woman about it and she was fine haha).

007. I have a love affair with New York, Sweden and France - would love to visit all three.

008. My boyfriend and I have been together (minus a couple of breaks) for 7 years.

009. A creep once tried to break into my bedroom with a screwdriver - the noise down the glass luckily woke me up.

010. I love playing the Nintendo 64 - Super Mario 64 is my favourite game, I could play it for hours!

011. I hate the feeling of ice lolly sticks against my tongue or teeth, makes me shudder just to think about it.

012. I'm an old fashioned romantic at heart.

013. I know how to drive but I'm scared to do the actual test.

014.  The idea of being pregnant terrifies me but I'd maybe adopt in the future.

015. I can't stand people without any manners.

016. My favourite meal to eat is breakfast (a veggie fry up) night time.

017. I hardly ever go to bed before 4am.

018. I absolutely love the adrenalin I get when cycling at top speed down really long, steep hills. Even if it kills my legs getting to the top, it's worth it for the ride down.

019. My best friends are boys. I do wish this wasn't the case but I find it difficult to make friends as I feel too awkward.

020. I guess my overly crude sense of humour probably doesn't help, haha. Everything can sound rude in my mind.

021. I'm an eBay addict.

022. I have recurring nightmares about escalators and lifts (they end up going really fast and/or into the sky).

023. I don't like hot chocolate.

024. My natural hair colour is a very light mousy brown.

025. I can't walk in heels very well at all, I think I was born without that gene unfortunately.

Well, there we have it. I'm really not all that interesting but I hope you enjoyed nonetheless. Please link me to your random facts if you have done one of these posts :)

New in | Missguided, Topshop, Miss Selfridge & more.

February 08, 2013

As mentioned I've been doing a little bit of shopping lately, mostly because I had christmas/birthday money to spend and hadn't treated myself in a while. My online wish lists were growing rapidly so I thought I'd finally indulge in some new things. 

Firstly, I got my order from Missguided. I bought the Edria leopard print bodysuit, Dayna crop top, and Jacinya striped crop top. Everything is really lovely although I nearly broke my neck trying to get out of the striped one (maybe I have a massive skull). The deep cobalt top is definitely my favourite!

These are three things I'd had in my Topshop online basket, but usually I prefer to try things from there on first. So while I was in town I decided to have a look and fell in love. My favourite Topshop jeans are the Jamie ones, so I bought them in this lovely washed blue colour. I also bought one of their polkadot crop tops in red, and one of the little crop lace t-shirts in a coral shade.

I got this adorable polkadot playsuit delivered from Miss Selfridge.

Definitely had to buy a few of the Rimmel Apocalips products, these are so pigmented and really glossy! I bought the shades Big Bang, Nova and Luna. They last pretty well on the lips too. The last thing that arrived in the post was this bottle of Smoothing Lusterizer from the Tigi S-Factor range. I'm sure most people have heard/read about this, it makes your hair feel lovely and smells like strawberry bubblegum!

Finally I stopped off at Waterstones and Paperchase to pick up two things I'd been wanting for a while. I love Chuck Palahniuk and I love creepy stories so it was only fitting that Haunted would be on my wish list. Can't wait to get stuck in, although I still have my christmas/birthday books to read so I'm not sure what I'll go for first. The scrapbook is perfect for putting in all the bits and bobs I'm forever cutting out of fashion magazines, and I couldn't resist a bubblegum scented pen - reminds me of my school days.

Well, that's everything. I definitely need to give my bank account a rest for a little while now! :)

All your gold.

February 03, 2013

Dress | c/o Chi Chi
Shoes | Zara
Lipstick | Rimmel Apocalips in 'Big Bang'

Yay finally the days are getting lighter and I didn't have to take these photos at lunch time! A little while ago I was sent this gorgeous dress from Chi Chi. I picked this one as I've never owned anything baroque before and have always admired it's luxurious look. I also knew it would look lovely with red lips.

Over the past couple of days I've been to the cinema twice - to see The Impossible and finally Gangster Squad. Both were really good but I love anything with gangsters and guns so the second was definitely my favourite. I've also been doing quite a bit of shopping, both online and in real life, so next up I will have a little haul post.

Hope you all have a nice Sunday, I don't think I'm even going to get out of my pyjamas :)