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Instagram 008.

January 04, 2013

001. Creepy face mask time - superdrug detoxifying dead sea mud mask.
002. Cute & delicious chocolate orange muffins.

003. Pizza & wedges for my first viewing of Sin City - loved it so much!
004. Out at Frankie & Benny's with my sister.

005. Chai latte at Costa.
006. Our extremely festive tree and Aladdin on in the background.

007. Treated myself whilst out Christmas shopping, everything is so good!
008. All I ate during my flu week.

009. Christmas dinner along with lipstick on my fork.
010. Sparkly bow time to go see the Moscow circus.

Well I really haven't been posting much on instagram lately, and definitely haven't been up for any outfit photos. I just seem to keep getting ill or having silly accidents. Right now I have another cold as well as the most annoying cough ever, the world needs to give my body a break.

Hopefully I'll be better soon and get back into the spirit of taking more photos!
And of course, happy new year to all you lovelies :)

15 comments on "Instagram 008."
  1. cute slippers! hope you feel better soon! x

  2. Great photos! Get well soon lovely xx

  3. Oh, I do love a good Disney film at Christmas!

  4. All the mentions of food and drink in this post have made me hungry!!! Everything looks so delicious :) your tree is gorgeous too!! Hope you're feeling better now x

  5. Those Hello Kitty slippers are so cute! :) I love your photographs. Seeing your Christmas dinner has made me so hungry, I can't wait for my dinner to be ready now!Hope you feel better soon :) x

  6. LOVE Sin City! Great photos! Love the blog :)

  7. Awww, you & your sister look so cute with your chunky fringes!

    The Style Rawr!

  8. Nice IG photos! You are always bright and lovely! A photo of you and your sister is such a sweet one too. Happy New Year Claire and get well soon! Drink lotsa fluids!



  9. i love your hair, it's gorgeous!! and the outfit in the first picture is adorable, i really like it! your style is adorable!

  10. Those Hello Kitty slippers are too adorable and they look super soft and comfy for your feet as well :) I love Sin City, I remember being really blown away watching it at the cinema.

  11. some really sweet pictures! What lip color are you using for pic 10. so lovely!

    I'm your new follower~

    1. thank you! revlon lip balm stain in 020 lovesick :)

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