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Deer and velvet cords.

January 29, 2013

T-shirt | Object c/o Zalando
Boots | Daisystreet
Bag | Urban Outfitters

I've featured this t-shirt before when I first received it but I just love how it looks with these leggings. The colour scheme is fairly autumnal which I like. I got these leggings a little while ago when I had a 20% off Asos code. They fit so nicely and come in two other colours, I really recommend them! This bag is pretty new to me as well. Just before Christmas I picked it up in the Urban Outfitters sale for £25. It's such a decent size (fits my dslr) and features lots of handy little compartments. Not to mention the gorgeous stud detailing.

I'm in the middle of purging out my wardrobe at the moment. I guess I'm yet again at a stage where I look at a lot of the things I own and they don't fill me with much excitement any more. Always good if it makes room for new things though!

A couple of nights ago I watched a French-Canadian movie called Heartbeats (or Les Amours Imaginaires) and it was a great little story of unrequited lust. I fell in love with the style and hair of the leading lady, and the music used throughout was perfect. Give it a try if you are like me and love French movies.

Everything you say is fire.

January 26, 2013

Top | Zara
Skirt | Primark
Boots | New Look
Lipstick | Mac pink nouveau

Yes it's this skirt again, I can't help it. I'm in love with it's comfort and ability to go with everything. Not to mention the free belt. I've always liked the combination of pale pink and grey, I just think they look really pretty together, so I saw the opportunity for a sweet outfit featuring my new fox print top. 

I feel like I don't have much exciting to say, other than I'm soon off my work for two whole weeks, hooray! I want to spend my time trying out new recipes, starting one of my new books, and of course watching a ton of movies. If the weather would improve I'd add getting back out on my bike but this is Scotland we're talking chance. Spring come to me! I can't wait to see your beautiful flowers and lighter days.

Afternoon trip to Fife.

January 24, 2013

The other day, my boyfriend and I decided to take a drive over to Fife (I love going across the Forth Road Bridge) to have a little explore, hence the casual outfit haha. He wanted to show me a really cool cave he had found previously. Whilst we were in the cave, he started to creep me out by saying he'd seen somebody. I can be a complete scaredy cat at times so this wasn't the best idea. I walked over to where he was and he told me to look at the wall where something was written. Cookies for you if you get the reference! I was impressed.

Once we came out it had started snowing so it was such a pretty sight. We did plan on going for a cup of tea in a little cafe but unfortunately I had to get back for work. Though the drive back home was made even better by listening to some Joy Division.

Birthday presents and sale buys.

January 18, 2013
I realise my birthday was a little while ago now, but thought I'd show you the things I received anyway. I didn't ask for much as it'd just been Christmas and I always feel guilty so I mostly just got some money. I was actually working on my birthday (how disgusting haha) but went out to see Texas Chainsaw on the Wednesday instead. It was predictable of course, but I still enjoyed it.

Beauticology shower set // I had this on my Christmas list as I just thought the bag and contents looked adorable. It includes a sparkly gold gingerbread shower gel, vanilla body lotion, and a chocolate chip shower gel (which is my favourite, mmm).

Dvds // I love foreign movies and I remember seeing Lady Vengeance on the tv years ago, it was amazing. If you like Old Boy then you'd definitely enjoy it. I went to see In Time at the cinema and completely loved it, the concept is really interesting. Plus I won't deny I have a crush on Justin Timberlake. And of course, I'm a major Twin Peaks fan. My boyfriend got me this dvd as we're almost finished the last few episodes and need our next fix.

Book // Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. I've had this on my wish list for a while, it just sounds wonderful and I haven't read any adventure type books for so long.

Onto the few bits I picked up in the sales...

I got a Topshop night shirt I'd wanted for ages but didn't want to pay full price for, I love anything to do with stars. The bird print blouse is from New Look and the purple lace t-shirt is from H&M. The hair bows and jewellery are all from New Look as well (though the earrings are actually hearts, even though they don't look it in the photo). I love the bows so much!

I've also been buying some clothes on eBay recently after quite a long break from browsing on there (addict right here), so I look forward to doing outfit posts on them. Have a lovely day!

Lips like sugar, sugar kisses.

January 15, 2013

Jumper | H&M
Skirt | Primark

Lately I've just been dressing in a more comfortable style, I guess that always happens for me in the winter. I get cold easily so like to feel cosy with baggier jumpers. I bought this skirt in Primark the other day (my sister even bought the same one). It's such a lovely high-waisted fit and the material is very soft. Looking forward to pairing it with so many things in my wardrobe.

Tomorrow night I think I'll be going to see Gangster Squad and I can't wait! Last time I was this excited for a movie (i.e. to swoon over) was Lawless, and that movie was perfect. What impressive films have you watched recently?

Cups of tea and little foxes.

January 11, 2013

Today I spent the afternoon in town with my sister and my aunty. First of all we went for tea at Cafe Nero in House of Fraser. I couldn't resist having a little fruit scone with jam as well. Then we walked along to Debenhams which means I have an even longer list of perfumes I wish to own. Everything just smells so lovely. I didn't buy very much but did spot this adorable fox print top in the Zara sale which I'd wanted a while ago. Also let me inform you if you didn't know already...Primark now have disco pants! I treated myself to a pair of blue ones as I already have the Glamourous black pair.

Hope you're all having a nice night, and thank you so much for your birthday wishes!

Lust list 008.

January 07, 2013

Pale blue knitted textured crop jumper Topshop // Scallop double buckle across body bag (also available in mint) ASOS //  Rose cushion cover H&M // Stripe band back dress Topshop // Korres plum lip butter Feel Unique // The Happy Book Amazon // Owl money bank Urban Outfitters

001. I was instantly drawn to the pretty pale blue shade of this jumper. I think it would look so sweet with a collar sticking out the top or just worn casual with jeans and my pink converse.

002. This bag is so pretty, I definitely don't own one in this shade. It's a nice little size and would go with so many outfits.

003. I love all satin bedding, satin bedding accessories...just everything. The cover is available in many shades but the deep pink of this one is my favourite.

004. Just had to have one darker choice on my wishlist haha, but I'm picturing it with the bag and a cute pair of flats and it seems good in my mind.

005. I've wanted one of these lip butters for ages now, and since they're in the sale I think I'll treat myself. All of them sound amazing, but the colour of this one really appeals to me.

006. A sweet little journal for inspiring those happy thoughts. The colours of the front cover alone make me smile!

007. How cute is this money bank?! I currently have an orange-see through pig one which I love (I like being able to see the pennies add up) but this would look so lovely in my room.

P.S. Happy birthday to me. 
Thanks to all you wonderful people for following me, it's one of the best presents :)

Lush Angel's Delight.

January 05, 2013

Whilst I was in Lush just before Christmas buying a gift for my boyfriend, I decided to treat myself to a piece of the soap which had always caught my eye (well, nose). I wanted to take the entire giant soap home as it's such a pretty design. Their Angel's Delight is incredibly sweet, it really does smell like jelly babies. I think I remember that the main scent is tangerine.

I'm not used to using actual bars of soap as I'm more of a shower gel person, so the piece I used had fun slipping all over the shower haha. What an attractive image. 

I wish this one was available all year round, but I still have plenty of Snow Fairy left once this is finished. Not sure which one I will be trying next, I kind of want them all. Any recommendations?

Hope you're all having a nice weekend. It's actually my birthday on Monday, so I'm pretty excited for that. Although I really don't feel like I'm actually turning that age, determined to stay 17 forever.

Instagram 008.

January 04, 2013

001. Creepy face mask time - superdrug detoxifying dead sea mud mask.
002. Cute & delicious chocolate orange muffins.

003. Pizza & wedges for my first viewing of Sin City - loved it so much!
004. Out at Frankie & Benny's with my sister.

005. Chai latte at Costa.
006. Our extremely festive tree and Aladdin on in the background.

007. Treated myself whilst out Christmas shopping, everything is so good!
008. All I ate during my flu week.

009. Christmas dinner along with lipstick on my fork.
010. Sparkly bow time to go see the Moscow circus.

Well I really haven't been posting much on instagram lately, and definitely haven't been up for any outfit photos. I just seem to keep getting ill or having silly accidents. Right now I have another cold as well as the most annoying cough ever, the world needs to give my body a break.

Hopefully I'll be better soon and get back into the spirit of taking more photos!
And of course, happy new year to all you lovelies :)