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Roslin Glen.

November 29, 2012
Hi there lovelies. I thought I'd share with you some photos from a beautiful woodland area on the outskirts of Edinburgh. It's a place my boyfriend and I quite often like to explore. Today there was the perfect winter chill in the air which suits these kind of walks so well.

A furry friend I made outside the local shop. He looks grumpy but he was actually very sweet.

My boyfriend's little yellow car looking quite lonely as we leave it for our walk. Yes, I like to make fun of the fact that it's similar to Simon's car in The Inbetweeners.

He is always overly prepared with snacks, maps and other things.

A cute little broken down bridge.

I wore my now quite old mittens and silver nail polish.

We passed a gorgeous mini waterfall. I always want to jump in when I see the water rushing and frothing like this.

We found pieces of real Christmas (fir) trees.

Ice was everywhere, giving the ground and leaves a satisfying crunch.

And so our drive home began, everything was so pretty. Some fairy lights have already been put up in places for Christmas. We also stopped off at Ikea to get me a veggie hotdog, mmm.

Leopard & burgundy.

November 24, 2012

Shirt & skirt | H&M
Boots | Primark

Hey dolls! As you can see from these photos, I didn't manage to get them in the best light - damn you winter. Anyway, I recently bought this shirt & skirt from H&M and thought they would go together perfectly. The shirt is longer than it looks here, I just decided to tie it at the waist. I must also express my love for these boots! I'd never seen them in my Primark before and had been wanting a pair of low heels which were comfortable enough to wear quite often (I'm not generally a high heel lover, I walk around like Bambi).

I finally watched Moonrise Kingdom last night and thought it was an adorable little film. It's made me want to re-watch one of my favourites, Youth In Revolt. But then again I think I might purchase the book instead. Other than that I've been watching lots of Gossip Girl episodes as I'd previously only made it as far as the middle of season 2 (not good enough, Claire) and it's just so addictive.

Would love to actually ask you all though, if you have any book recommendations for me?
Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

Lust list 007.

November 20, 2012

001. I'm kind of obsessed with this deep blue colour for clothing, and I also love the cutout back detail on this dress.

002. Haha when I saw this was available for preorder I got a bit excited! Goosebumps was one of my favourite tv shows when I was younger, would be cool to watch them again.

003. I've always loved the look of the little Casio watches, and whilst a gold one would be perfect too, I spied this burgundy & silver one and think it's beautiful.

004. These are just far too cute and do look really cosy.

005. Yet another perfume for my wish list. I've always admired the bottle for this one, and when I finally sprayed some on myself I was in love.

006. The colours of this soap are what interested me at first, but it also seriously smells like jelly babies, mmm!

007. Being a massive tea drinker, I like to treat myself to new cups/mugs now and again. I'm sure you all know my love for pink, this set is so pretty.

008. I have a really nice OPI red polish which I think this would look lovely over the top of. Plus it's oh so christmassy.

Little black fringe dress.

November 17, 2012

Dress | Indie Chic Boutique
Necklace | Topshop
Tights | Indie Chic Boutique
Shoes | Zara
Bag | H&M

Afternoon lovelies! Today I have another beautiful item from Indie Chic Boutique to share with you. This glam bodycon dress is perfect for the winter party season. I'm completely in love with the fringe detailing to the shoulders and the silver zip which goes all the way up the back. 

I also have to say how much I adore this lipstick, ahhh the colour is so perfect! It took me a little while to track it down as this seems to be the most popular shade and was sold out everywhere I checked. It definitely is the most lovely autumn/winter lipstick.

Last night I watched The Lovely Bones for the first time and I thought it was such a beautiful film. I do have the book and wanted to read it first but when I realised it was on the tv I just had to watch. Next on my to watch list is Moonrise Kingdom, have any of you seen it? It looks wonderful to me, I love movies with a quirky feel to them.

Air Wick mulled wine & cinnamon apple candle.

November 15, 2012

I'm sorry if this isn't very interesting to most of you but I got so excited when I saw this candle in the supermarket and just wanted to share it with you! For only £3 you can have this beauty in your room, and let me tell you it smells sooo amazing. Perfect for winter time. Plus the colour changing aspect just hypnotises me.

It's also available in two other scents, purple blackberry fig and golden winter woods. I have the white colour changing one as well which is just as beautiful. I'm a candle freak to be honest so if it smells or looks good, I buy it. This time I'm really glad I did! I want to get a few more so my room will have a lovely colourful and cosy glow all through the winter evenings :)

Below is a song by Daughter, a band I'm obsessed with since seeing them play live in September. I'm completely sucked in by their sounds and her beautiful voice, enjoy.

Black & polkadots.

November 13, 2012

Top | ASOS
Skirt | Urban Outfitters
Belt | Next
Boots | New Look

Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a nice start to the week. Whilst rummaging through my wardrobe the other day (seriously in need of another clear out), I rediscovered this beautiful polkadot skirt. Now technically, it's actually a pair of culottes (I think that's the right word) but shh. It looks like a lovely swishy skirt to me! When I found this in Urban Outfitters a couple of winters ago, I was so happy to find a skirt which fitted me perfectly at the waist and which was a really nice length. It was also in the sale, yay!

I decided to keep the rest of the outfit fairly simple with slight pops of colour. I've had this belt since I was little (it's a kids one haha) and I love it. Such a cute flower design at the closure. Oh and this is now one of my favourite lipsticks, I'll have to do a little post on it soon!

Enjoy the rest of your day, and thank you to any new followers ♡ 

Instagram 006.

November 11, 2012

001. Salted caramel latte at Costa - yummy but I think I'm developing more of a taste for actual coffee instead of overly sweet drinks.
002. Topshop parma violet & barry m amethyst glitter.

003. Every day is cosy socks day now.
004. Love these, cute packaging and delicious healthiness.

005. Trying out Superdrug chocolate orange face mask- it's so nice!
006. Got some new fairy lights for my bookcase.

007. Suave Mr Thang.
008. These candles are perfect, I'll have a post up about the light changing one soon!

009. Little caramel macchiato - never tried before and I love it.
010. Bought this studded gold jumper from New Look.

username: xjad0re

Well that's what I've been up to lately, in between unbelievably stressful days at work so I'm sorry I haven't had any time to check out your blogs :( Once I finish tonight I'm going to catch up with you all! Have a lovely Sunday.

October favourites.

November 05, 2012

001. Really haven't stopped wearing this cardigan since I bought it. It's so soft and comfortable - perfect for this season (and for being cosy in the house).

002. I've been after a cheap leopard print cardigan for a long time, but I'm incredibly fussy as they have to fit just right. I did have it in pink a few years ago but I've since given that one to my sister. This one is just what I was looking for!

003. This conditioner has made my hair feel amazing! I definitely recommend it, plus when I bought it all the products in this range were half price.

004. I have quite a few perfumes but this is the one I've been using most over the past month. It's so fruity and yummy, although I don't find the scent lasts too long on me. It isn't expensive though so I don't mind spraying more.

005. Of course I had to include this. I'm in love with the smell and it really does lather up nicely.

006. This glitter polish is so beautiful! I've worn it as an accent nail with lilac & pink so far, and it seems like it would go well with any colour.

007. My sister and I had a little jewellery swap and I scored these. They're my favourite daytime earrings at the moment.

008. This is a lip product I've had for a while but I've recently fallen back in love with it. The idea is that they go on as a cream but dry matte. This is a really pretty shade!

Recipe | Caramel apple cupcakes.

November 03, 2012

Hello pretties! I hope you all had a lovely Halloween. I spent the evening in with my family watching Halloween 5 and Let The Right One In. I've seen the Halloween movie sooo many times but I still love them all!

Today I have this yummy recipe for you, which was taken from French For Cupcake. Now mines look nowhere near as perfect as hers, but they taste amazing! They are filled with chopped pieces of apple and a secret caramel filling. Let me know if you give them a try, they make the perfect winter cupcakes!

Makes 12 large cupcakes.

2 eggs
225g caster sugar
110g softened butter
125g plain flour
150g self-raising flour
120ml milk
1tsp vanilla extract
1 large red apple
Caramel (I bought the Carnation kind)

For the buttercream:
500g icing sugar
60g softened butter
30ml milk
1tsp vanilla extract


1. Preheat the oven to gas mark 4.
2. Mix the eggs, butter and sugar together. Then sieve in the plain flour and the self-raising flour.
3. Gradually add the milk and then the vanilla extract.
4. Finely chop up your apple (take all the skin off too) and then add it into the mix. 
5. Pop the mix into your cupcake cases, making sure to fill about 2/3 of the way.
6. Bake them for about 20 minutes. They should be slightly golden, but give them the cocktail stick test too.
7. Leave them to cool.
8. Cut a little square out the middle of the cupcakes, and add some caramel.


1. Combine the icing sugar and butter in a bowl, whilst gradually pouring in the milk and mixing. 
2. Add the vanilla extract.
3. If the mix is too stiff, add an extra touch of milk. Likewise, if your mix goes too runny, add some more icing sugar.
4. Add food colouring of your choice.
5. Use a piping bag & nozzle to add the buttercream to your cakes.

Like in the recipe I followed, I made little leaves out of fondant and added Twiglets to look like the stalks. I think this makes the perfect finishing touches!