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What I got for Christmas.

December 29, 2012

Hi again sweeties, hope you're all having a nice Saturday. As promised, here is my post about the things I got for Christmas. Please don't take it as showing off in any way, that's not the purpose. I just love being nosy and have a feeling lots of you are the same! :)

I'll start off with presents from my family...

Gucci Guilty edp // Smells so good and the bottle is gorgeous!

Dvds // Cry Baby, Scream Trilogy boxset, Lady & the Tramp. I've yet to see the whole of Cry Baby but I know I'll love it. The Scream movies are some of my favourites and I only had the 4th on dvd. I also want to build my Disney dvd collection as I previously only had The Aristocats.

Soap & Glory Small Wonders set // I finally have myself some hand food and I really do love the scent, everything else in this set is wonderful too.

Youth in Revolt book // This is one of my favourite movies ever and I can't wait to get stuck into the's a lot bigger than expected which is good!

Leopard print dressing gown // So, so cosy and the best pattern ever!

Yankee Candle Christmas Memories book // My mum completely surprised me with this. We had been out shopping during my delirious flu week and I pointed it out to her but didn't think she'd taken much notice. It's completely adorable and all the scents sound amazing! Going to treat myself to a new pretty votive holder.

Cute gold bracelet // It's dainty yet glam, and it fits my tiny wrists, I love it.

Now onto what my boyfriend got for me. He did also buy me some sweeties and a cuddly toy but I've just decided to show the main things...

New York Times Square bin // The perfect replacement for the tiny little bin I've had in my room for years. I love the bright colours and of course New York is one of my dream places to visit.

Camera straps // Ahh I was so happy when I saw these. I'd previously hinted at some cool camera straps before but to be honest I'd even forgotten I'd said anything. Both designs are so beautiful.

Gloves // The first pair are for use with smart phones which means I can check my iphone without freezing my little fingers off. I also love the cute pattern. The second pair are sweet fingerless ones with sequins.

Now you're probably thinking what the hell is this, and rightly so. But this is the present I was most excited (and surprised) about. This is a himalayan salt lamp. I'll let you go off and google them if you're interested but basically they help get rid of 'electric smog'. And they are beautiful night lights, just look...

So apart from some money and far too many chocolates, that's what I got for Christmas. I hope you enjoyed seeing everything. I've seen a fair few of the same posts and all your presents look amazing! Feel free to tell me what you got below though :)

Tonight I'm off to the circus which I'm excited about! I haven't been to one in a few years, I just love being taken in by all the magicalness. Then I have a cosy evening planned with my boyfriend, we're going to eat junk food and watch the new Kevin Bridges dvd. I hope you all have a great evening.

Christmas day.

December 26, 2012

Evening lovelies, and happy christmas for yesterday! I hope you all had a wonderful time and got the gifts your little hearts desired. I had a really nice day at home with my sister (the rest of my family went out for dinner) and didn't burn a single thing, yay! I much prefer staying at home on Christmas day and I think we'll all be doing that next year. 

How everything looked in the morning. We watched Aladdin on the tv whilst opening our gifts.

Kitty was intrigued by his little present.

We set the table for the two of us and sat in silence throughout most of the meal as it was so damn tasty!  My option was Quorn, of course.

Wouldn't be a blogger without getting my phone involved eventually haha.

Our Aunty had made us the trifle she makes every year. The cream topping is seriously the best thing on the planet.

We were in love with our new hats.

Later in the evening my boyfriend came round so we could exchange gifts (these were his waiting for him). He got me some amazing things, I'm surprised he actually listens to the things I go on about wanting!

Overall I had a lovely time even though I must admit it never really feels like Christmas anymore (think I'm just getting old). I'm looking forward to doing a post on my gifts, hopefully that will be interesting for you as I know I love those type of posts :)

Enjoy the rest of your Boxing day, I'm going to spend mine watching tv shows and movies (as well as eating leftovers, mmm).

Little red dress.

December 18, 2012

Dress | Paprika c/o Zalando
Jacket | H&M
Shoes | Primark
Necklace | Peacocks

Hi lovelies, hope you're all having a nice day! I was recently offered £40 to spend on Zalando, which is a great fashion website containing lots of popular brands, and of course lots you might not have heard about before. It was really difficult to make my choices (look how pretty this jumper is and these earrings) but I got there in the end. I realised I still don't own a lot of red so was instantly drawn to this dress. I just love the faux leather detail to the shoulders.

T-shirt | Object c/o Zalando

I also picked out this cute deer t-shirt (I'm sure you all know my obsessed with deer by now haha) and I just love how it looks with jeans or my disco pants.

I've been in bed for the last couple of days as I think I have some form of the flu but today I'm being strong and going out to finish the rest of my Christmas shopping with my mum. 
Have you finished buying all your presents?

Empties 001.

December 17, 2012

I've been saving up for my first one of these posts for a little while. I just don't seem to use up things as quickly as a lot of you, you're speedy things! Anyway, I like to store my empties in a Glossybox as it keeps everything out of the way.

001. Batiste dry shampoo in 'blush' - This is one of their best, and it was definitely my favourite but lately I've been using the 'cherry' one instead and love it a little bit more. Couldn't recommend enough though, I know we all have those lazy hair days where it could use a boost!

002. Boots cucumber eye make-up remover gel - I've featured this in a post here before, and I already have another bottle. It's a great product to use if you can't be bothered going for your full on cleansing routine.

003. Superdrug coconut & sweet almond conditioner - Again, I've mentioned this before. It's one of the loveliest conditioners, smells amazing and lasts a decent amount of time for the price.

004. Maxfactor lasting performance foundation in '100 fair' - I've only tried this foundation in this shade (the palest one) and whilst it is a little pink toned for my liking, the product itself is really good. It gives great coverage and lasts well on my skin.

005. Bourjois volume clubbing mascara - I'm forever repurchasing this mascara, it's perfect for creating thick lashes.

006. Rimmel stay matte powder in 'transparent' - The best cheap drugstore powder, I initially bought this as my Mac and Maybelline powders ran out, and discovered this little gem.

007. Glade 'winter berries' candle - I'm obsessed with candles, especially during the winter. This one smells delicious and looks really pretty. 

008. Superdrug chocolate orange self-heating face mask - I loved this product! The heat doesn't last long but it smells so good and made my skin very soft as well as a bit clearer. I got two uses out of the packet. 

White confetti nails.

December 15, 2012

H&M 'confetti time' and Model's Own 'snow white'

Hi sweeties, thought I'd share with you my nails for the week. I'm kind of in love with the simple white background being brought to life by all the colourful pieces of glitter! Two days in and they show no sign of chipping yet. I also completely adore the H&M bottle, so fun.

What colour nails do you think you'll be wearing for Christmas day? I don't think I'll be able to resist red.

I bought a unicorn.

December 14, 2012

Thought I'd introduce you to my new sparkly unicorn friend. I adopted him/her (haven't decided) from a charity shop.

Where my advent calendar lives, I'm excited that the chocolates get bigger towards the end!

Some more pretty tinsel.

Monkey protecting my boyfriend as he sleeps.

I'm sorry I haven't had any outfit posts up for a while, to be honest any time I get the chance lately the lighting is tragic. Hopefully have one up in the next few days!

This evening I'm off to the German christmas market in town, have a great Friday whatever you're doing :)

Blue lace and pink straws.

December 09, 2012

A favourite outfit of mine lately - top is from H&M and skirt is from Primark.

Can never resist these cute little chocolate bears and Lindt is the best around.

Been trying to make the effort to eat lunch lately as I usually skip it and graze on junk instead. In love with my new floral mug.

Bought a pack of the cutest straws at the craft store.

Wore leopard print and bright lips to go see the movie 'Sightseers'. It was quite crazy, but I mostly went to see it because it reminded me of when my boyfriend and I go camping (though I promise we don't murder people).