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3 things to watch | 001.

August 27, 2016

My boyfriend and I started watching Preacher, which is available on Amazon Prime. I don't have an account because I'm a cheapskate but he does, score. He told me that it's all based on a comic book series which I think makes it even cooler. It follows a priest who ends up having something supernatural happen to him and from then on his words to people end up being very powerful. It's dark and funny, with lots of gory bits, and I highly recommend you give it a watch if you get the chance! I've still got episodes left to watch because I'm trying to savour it haha.

I found the movie What If while browsing the other night, and whilst I'm not the biggest fan of Daniel Radcliffe I do love Zoe Kazan. What a lovely little movie though! They basically meet at a party and end up being friends, even though she has a boyfriend. I'm sure you can see where the story goes. The soundtrack is pretty amazing, and I won't lie that I found myself thinking he was attractive during the movie, yeah...I caved to Harry Potter.

I saved this one for last as I'm sure literally everyone and their dog is talking about it, but Stranger Things...oh my. It didn't take me long to get through the 8 episodes on Netflix and I just hope there's another series. It's the perfect science fiction series, with a magical soundtrack and Winona Ryder, I mean come on...she's the best! A missing child, weird government lab and everything 1980's make this a must watch.

What shows/movies have you been loving lately?

Claire xx

Edinburgh vegan festival goodies.

August 26, 2016

Last Sunday my sister & I decided to pop along to the Edinburgh vegan festival in town. It was on both days over the weekend but we figured it might be slightly quieter on the Sunday. It took place in a lovely hotel and there were so many yummy food options! Also by the time we got there some things had been reduced so it was even better.

I came away with two mashed potato & haggis pies (I heated them up at home and had them with some gravy, oh my), a chocolate cupcake from Missy's vegan cupcakes, two marshmallow popsicles and a delicious salted caramel donut. At the venue we also got hot dogs and gelato, everything was just so damn good, I only wish it was on more than once a year haha.

Claire xx

Vegan cupcakes & the Dorco Eve 6.

August 18, 2016

The other weekend I made my first visit to the quarterly vegan market down in Leith. I believe the "normal" market is on there every Saturday, but once a month it features tons of vegan goodies, yay! I already knew that I'd be making a beeline for Missy's Cupcakes as I'd seen them featured all over instagram. Oh my god, they did not disappoint. I went for a blackforest gateau, banana split & spiced apple crumble. Every single one was amazing, I couldn't possibly pick a favourite! I also got a delicious houmous pitta wrap which I'm drooling at the thought of now...

Another thing I wanted to mention (I know, cupcakes to razors, strange transition) is this Dorco Eve 6 ladies razor (*) I was kindly sent. It came at perfect timing as I was in need of a new one and didn't know which cruelty free options I had in the general shops. I believe this brand is cruelty free, but correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, it's a wonderful little razor which glides perfectly even over those awkward areas. Unlike most razors it features a double 3-blade format. It's also got moisturising benefits as the little bands contain aloe, vitamin e & lavender. Plus it costs under £5!

Hope you're having a lovely day,

Claire xx

Blue & pink florals.

August 05, 2016

Jacket & shorts | H&M
Top | Topshop
Bag | eBay (old)

These photos are from a couple of weeks ago before I had a little hair chop chop. I'm so bad at forgetting to edit things, sorry! I picked up this sweet Topshop top on eBay recently for under £5. I fell in love with the complimentary pastel shades and floral patterns. It's perfect for the warmer months too as it's so sheer. Whilst I do think it would look good with a super girly skirt, I decided to darken it up slightly with my faux leather shorts. Also I'm still so obsessed with this tote bag I got from eBay absolute years ago (explains any slight grubbiness haha)!

Even the mention of the "e word" is making me want to go browse for some bargains, such a dangerous obsession! What do you think of this outfit? :)

Claire xx

A walk to Dean Village.

August 04, 2016

Last week my boyfriend and I ventured out on a sunny day with a pretty destination in mind - Dean Village. I'd always wanted to go for a walk through this area and it didn't disappoint. The buildings are stunning and there's so much variety of lovely flowers and trees. We walked through the Water of Leith to get there (and maybe did a bit of Pokemon hunting along the way, ha). Also met some swans who decided to hiss at us and cute little ducks. It was a perfect day weather wise, with it being warm but not overly sunny. For once I actually got nice weather on a day off!

We ended up walking a bit further after this and went through the outside area of the Edinburgh modern art gallery. There were a few things to see but we definitely need to go back some time when it's actually open.

Was lovely getting out and about with our cameras as we're always saying we don't do that enough :)

Claire xx